RoutineBot 1.3

RoutineBot is an interface automation testing software. It allows...

RoutineBot is an interface automation testing software. It allows to create scripts to test interface of software systems just like human testers would do it.

RoutineBot does not just emulate mouse clicks or button clicks, the RoutineBot allows user to specify some image sample to be found n the screen and do some action with this sample.

For instance, it can find image sample and then focus mouse on it or move the mouse relatively. The program is represented by two modules - one is RoutineBot Designer and another is RoutineBot Interpreter.

The RoutineBot Designer helps user to design visual testing scripts, while RoutineBot Interpreter allows to execute these scripts. The RoutineBot was designed for visual software interface testing.

You can run the RoutineBot in a batch and process a set of tests. The software will:-- return results of each test-- process possible error or warning messages-- close test on timeout if they hang-upRoutineBot allows to emulate actions that user normally does:-- Run and close applications-- Focus mouse on some image sample-- Emulate Click, Doubleclick, MouseUp and MouseDown events-- Emulate ScrollUp and ScrollDown actions-- Move mouse to absolute or relative coordinates-- Enter some text or emulate pressing some keys on keyboard.

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